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  • Britains

    These are 1:32 scale models with a typical tractor measuring approx 15cm long and 9cm high. They are made from quality diecast metal and should last for years. All the trailers fit the tractors in this section. We would recommend these for ages 5 upwards although some younger children do enjoy them.

  • Bruder

    Bruder produces quality toys that capture the imagination and satisfy the desires of the children who play with them.Bruder produces quality toys that capture the imagination and satisfy the desires of the children who play with them.

    Model like fully functional 1:16th plastic toy trucks for ages 3 and up.

  • Brushwood

    Premium range of authentic farm buildings and accessories really bring your toy farm to life with the exceptional attention to detail that our dedicated carpet farming customers have come to expect from us at Brushwood Toys. Every aspect of the modern working farm has been faithfully reproduced in this huge array of realistic, robust of and playable creations that are as popular with the parents as they are with the children!

  • Kids Globe

    Kids globe models include realistic farm accessories and farm building to add life and depth to any farm environment.

  • Replicagri
  • Rolly Toys
  • Ros

    ROS has been manufacturing extremely high quality die-cast scale models since 1982

    In order to work with flexibility and with a free operating structure, ROS makes use of out-house laboratories for moulding, pressure die-casting, pre-assembly and painting operations.
    Final assembling, quality check and packing are carried out inside the company.

    Thanks to this company policy ROS can offer high quality articles at competitive prices; for this reason, the company is well-known in Italy and abroad.
    In fact, ROS attends every year the Nuremberg Toy Fair and follows all the major international agricultural and building exhibitions.

    ROS scale models are employed by the customers in various fields, such as marketing and modelling.

  • Schuco

    SCHUCO, the legendary toy manufacturer, which was founded in 1912 by Heinrich Müller together with the salesman, Heinrich Schreyer, with the name Schreyer & Co, became famous on account of its toy cars manufactured in the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s, many of which were patented.

  • Siku

     SIKU, the Sieper-Werke (The Sieper company) was founded in 1921 and started producing toys in 1950. In 1983, the Farmer Series was introduced, mainly in 1:32 scale. Oddly, there was a Land Rover in the series (used as a farm vehicle!). The Farmer Classic line was added in 2002, and focused on old-timer tractors. Subsequently, Farmer + and Farmer Classic + introduced more detailed and refined farm models. Classic + models featured tractors with rustic looking 'aged' paint.In 2004, a radio-controlled tractor was introduced in the all new radio controlled 'SIKU Control' line, which added play value in addition to the regular SIKU Farmer Series vehicles. These have working acceleration, steering, headlights and turn indicators. Other models have since been added to the Control line.

  • Universal Hobbies

    Universal Hobbies is a French based model company.  It makes a large range of agricultural models and is Komatsu's preferred model maker.

    A feature of UH models is that they tend to have a higher plastic content, although the plastic is high quality. The precision of their 1:16 scale models is excellent, making these models ideal collector's items.

  • USK Scale Models.

    USK Scalemodels is a new brand in die cast scale models but the crew behind it is a very experienced team.

    Our manufacturing partner in China has one of the most modern factories in die cast you can imagine. Together with this very well equipped factory we have the possibility to develop every category of die cast models and plastic toys, with or without electronics.

    Responsible for sales of our models is the company Mahler + Partner GmbH located in Germany. They started in 1994 with die cast.

    Our goal is to develop our brand USK Scalemodels with a great line of agricultural and construction models mostly in the famous collectors scales of 1:32, 1:50 and 1:87. What USKscalemodels will make different from most other collector models is the high level of die cast comparing to plastic.

  • Weise-Toys
  • Wiking
  • marge models
  • Juweela

    Behind Juweela 2007 is a young company that is based in East Westphalia / Germany. We sell our products through the wholesale and retail with short transport distances and an exceptionally high quality and fit.

    To transport objects, buildings and landscapes from real life into another, smaller but no less significant dimension, is much more than a hobby. A model builder has a keen eye and thereby developed a completely new perspective.Where others might see only an old building, recognize the special architectures modellers and structures, small blemish or special characteristics. Where others see a long road, recognize modellers road markings, ruts and a dilapidated house on the roadside.

    In order to make these detailed transmission possible, it needs high-quality materials. These are produced at Juweela to over 90% in Germany and therefore carry the quality label "Made in Germany". Modellers are then able to fill small miniature and model worlds with life - consistent down to the last detail. The result is a model-world piece by piece. Model your world.

  • Bevro Collection
  • norev
  • NewRay LongHauler

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